Unlock iPhone 4.2

    Unlock iPhone 4.2You may be wondering if it’s possible to Unlock Iphone 4.2. Doing this process is called Jailbreak. Jailbreaking your iPhone lets you add ripped apps, add extra features and bypass certain limitations, which makes it easy to understand why you want to do it. However, jailbreaking your iPhone voids its warranty and if you don’t know what you’re doing, you could “brick” your iPhone, which renders it useless and requires a complete restore.

    1. Clean the browser cache. Like any computer, things slow down when the cache builds up with leftover stuff. Although the cache is built to store files that are frequently accessed to speed up programs such as the Safari web browser,1. Clean the browser cache. 
    2. Quit applications properly. Unlike your desktop or laptop, applications on your iPhone aren’t so easy to quit. The processor can be taxed with all the additional work created by these apps. 
    3. Update your iPhone. When people in the iPhone community complained of lags in the past, the issues causing them were fixed in the subsequent update.
    4. Close any programs that you are not actively using. When you open a program your hard drive has to instantly devote some temporary memory towards the program.
    5. Install memory management apps. The app store has plenty of applications that can help you monitor the memory usage of your iPhone and help you clear any processes that you want to stop running.
    6. Erase any unnecessary programs. Your phone’s operating system needs some memory space so it can process information faster. Unlock your iPhone 4.2 and use its full potential!
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