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    JailbreakMe 3.0

    What is JailbreakMe Tool mean ?
    JailbreakMe is a jailbreak tool online, unlike the tool Redsn0w and Greenpois0n, it does not require the use of a computer and the jailbreak process is very fast execution.
    Your jailbreak your iDevice runs Online (Internet) with the Safari application on your iDevice.
    Untethered your jailbreak is, when you restart (reboot) your iDevice, it will require no assistance from a third party software to gain access back to the springboard.

    JailbreakMe 3.0 Preamble :

    Make sure you have an Internet connection on your iDevice (WiFi or 3G).
    It is advisable for the model to cut the iPhone 3G and jailbreak to do this via WiFi at the moment are still some bugs to fix in JailbreakMe.
    It is recommended to restore your iDevice, to erase all traces of the old jailbreak and allows to have a stable jailbreak.
    It is strongly recommended to restore your iDevice as a new device. Just sync your new applications, music, videos, images, notes and contacts (on Windows, make sure you have Outlook installed) via the iTunes software following the restoration.
    But you can do this on a jailbreak iDevice with lots of installed apps and data such as images, contacts, etc.. without loss of data following the jailbreak.
    In this case it is advisable to synchromiser your iDevice with iTunes prior to the jailbreak.
    IPhone user, you must have the SIM card that came with your iPhone official for its activation following the restoration of the IOS.

    JailbreakMe 3.0 How to Guide :

    • Go to “Settings” of your iDevice.
    • Disable the “Block pop-up” and then empty your cache.
    • Then in the “Settings” menu of your iDevice, go to “General” then “Auto Lock” and click “Never”.
    • Then start the application from your iDevice Safari.
    • Then type in the address bar of your browser:
      Click on “Free” and “install” to start the jailbreak online.
    • The Safari application is closed, return to your springboard.
    • The application installs Cydia on your 2 nd page of your springboard.
    • You can see a very quick jailbreak procedure compared to using software like
    • Redsn0w, does not need to go into DFU mode.
    • You must complete the installation of the application Cydia.
    • Launch application from Cydia on your springboard iDevice.
    • Choose one use “user” mode for novices and let the data load.
    • For protection of the fault operated tool JailbreakMe (feat using Safari on a PDF file), install the package “PDF Patcher 2? from Cydia.
    • It is advisable to manually reboot your iDevice (Home + We then turn off).
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