How to run ipad apps on iphone

    How to run ipad apps on iphoneInteresting news for the Jailbreak community. With a simple hack app and it is possible to use the applications you have purchased for your iPad, directly installed on the iPhone 4. This is iTelePad2Pod. Let's see what it is.It’s as simple as downloading the iTelePad2Pod app and running the program from the Applications folder on your Mac.
    Your iOS device must be jailbroken and have OpenSSH installed from Cydia because the tool basically sends the iOS app file via secure FTP protocol to your iPhone or iPod touch. The trick is in changing the app’s underlying metadata to add both devices as designated platforms. Don’t expect miracles, though. Some apps won’t work due to multitouch and design issues, like refusing to work in landscape.
    This user's method is essentially the same, and can be done manually as well. All he does is change the app's permissions to 755, as well as the binary. Then toss the .app in your iPhone's /Applications folder, and respring. Voila, iPad app on your iPhone, working kinda sorta. 
    If you have a need to do this, and do not want to do the manual method, you can use ismoothproject's instructions:
    1. Download iTelePad2Pod Here. 

    2. Unzip
    3. Move the iTelePad2Pod folder to the /Applications Folder on your Mac.
    4. Go to the moved iTelePad2Pod folder (/Applications/iTelePad2Pod) and open the iTelePad2Pod application.(/Applications/iTelePad2Pod/
    5. Follow instructions in the app.
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