Setool lite 1.11

    Unlock sony ericsson free via setool lite
    Setool lite 1.11
    Setool2 Lite v1.11


    allow me to introduce setool2 lite.

    it is reduced version of full setool2.


    - working only with cid49 db2010 phones (of course, sibley-based phones is supported)
    (identify works on all db2010/db2012 phone, so you can at least see usercode...)
    - unlock/repair and recovery functions removed.
    - ufs interface removed
    - no single setting is saved

    1. Start Setool lite 1.11
    2. Choose your phone (1)
    3. Put downloaded package to “MISC files:”. (click on 3 dots next to (2))
    4. Click on FLASH (3)
    5. Hold C button on your phone and plug in cable. (Hold C button untill Setool detect your phone.)
    6. You can uplug cable when you’ll see “DONE” in log. (log is on left side)

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