Remote PC from your Phone

    Remote PC from Android Phone

    Sometimes we need to access PC from somewhere at other places such as office or home when we are just went away.
    When our PC is being scanned from virus, or it's running other program which take couple of hours then we just can't wait for it for other reason and hope that we can still viewing the process or able to access it anytime so all we need is a software that allow us to keep connected with the PC.

    From android cell phone we can do monitoring and access remote PC through internet connection.
    There are some applications that we can use, one of them is "TeamViewer".
    This application has some features that enable us to access office desktop with all of it's documents and installed applications.
    And ofcourse, this application is FREE for non-commercial use.

    Want to start using it...?
    - Download this application from the official teamviewer's site.
    - Install it both on your android phone and desktop PC.
    - Register teamviewer account.
    - Launch the application.
    Remote PC from iphone

    How to use :
    - Run the application on PC, double click TeamViewer_Setup -> Choose Run
    - There you can see ID and pasword to remote the PC, right click on the password box -> sett predefined to change the password.

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