How To Partition A Flash Drive

    A partition is something that divides or separates items into sections. The process of partitioning hard drives is performed in order break the disk down into smaller chunks for storage. It can also be done as a means of running different operating systems on a single disk. A lesser known form of partitioning occurs on a flash drive. Partitioning of a portable storage unit is performed for the same reasons as on a hard drive but cannot be completed without a specific program called BootIt.

    It should be noted that you cannot partition a USB flash drive in Windows on occasions when the drive is deemed to be removable media. This means the best way to successfully partition the flash drive is by flipping its removable part. This will ensure that it is read as fixed media. As a result, you will be able to partition it like a regular hard drive.

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    Search online for a tool that can perform this task. There are a number of USB format tools available. Search for a portable tool that can be used with a variety of different brands. There is no point spending money on an item that can only be used with one type of USB drive when there are plenty of universal options. The best tools will have the ability to format the flash drive as well as flipping the removable bit. Other features of top quality tools include setting a bootable partition and volume label. The device should be simple to use and work with a single press of the removable bit button. This should set up the flash drive for use with a host of different partitions. Remove and reconnect the drive to the computer system once the device has been used.

    One of the most popular format tools available is BootIt. Download BootIt and install it. This will modify the drive and allows you to partition it. BootIt is designed to alter the structure of the flash drive. Take the drive and insert it into an available USB port. Hit the flip removable bit button. This will ensure Windows no longer recognizes your drive as a removable disk, instead deeming it to be a fixed one. As with all other format tools, remove your flash drive before reinstalling it. Click on 'Start' and 'Run' before typing in 'diskmgmt.msc'. This leads to the Disk Management option. You should see the flash drive on the screen. Right click on your portable drive and choose 'Delete Partition'. Right click once again and choose 'New Partition'. It is now just a matter of following on-screen instructions before creating a 'Primary Partition'. Your flash drive should now be successfully partitioned.

    Whether you are partitioning a hard drive or USB flash drive, problems can occur. The most common is not having enough space to complete the process. Usually, this issue can be resolved by simply cleaning up your files. For example, delete all unnecessary files and remove temporary files. These measures solve USB space problems which are simple to deal with in comparison to hard drive issues.
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