Make Music on Your iPad

    You don't have to have musical abilities to use GarageBand, the MAC's iOS interface recording studio. It does all the work, you enjoy all the fun! One of the best recording studios around you can now get it for your iPad.

    GarageBand easy to use - all you do is drag-n-drop the instrument of your choice. For example, if you want a drum part, drag it to the grid, want to add arpeggios on the keyboard, drag it over, you can even add fingerpick guitar cords to any music you want. Just hit the cord name you want and add it to the grid. You can add up to eight tracks or you can add individual tracks, adjust the volume, add a loop or two and you're all set to play your own songs.

    There's even more you can do with GarageBand with manual keying. Unfortunately, there is a downside to GarageBand. The drums don't have good tone and the trumpets lack consistency. You can't turn off the drum tracks but you can hit the keys harder to get a louder sound but it's impossible to get a consistent pattern. On the other hand, if you're a guitarist, GarageBand is perfect for you.

    We tested it with an old guitar, electric, of course, plus we used iRig (a personal guitar amplifier). We tested GarageBand's applications and stomp-boxes and came up with a respectable sounding jangle that had a problem with timing. We thought the application was okay but the lack of editing options and the selection of 80s synth pop made it impossible to make a recording in one shot. We had to record several times to get the sounds we wanted. On the brighter side, you can tweak the keyboard and customize the interface plus the use of options to fix the timing. At least Apple added that to GarageBand.

    More bad news, although we loved messing with the sample pack, the voice recording took a lot of work to make any type of song production worth while. The effects had a lot of problems when it came to optimization and when we put it altogether we had to re-record several times to get a decent recording. None the less, and you might find this surprising but we recommend GarageBand. It far from perfect, takes more work than we wanted but is much better thanNanStudio or BeatMaker.

    It's a great little application for guitarists and the musically less inclined, but once you learn the tweaks you will love the amps and stomp-boxes. We wait with baited breath for the update from Apple for the iPad. In the mean time, enjoy GarageBand and make your own music.Source URL:
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